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One of our partner from USA
“We finally found them, well actually they got in touch with me. We have just enjoyed the finest experience that we ever could have hoped for from a clearing and on carriage agent in Ethiopia. Just gave us European quality service, but more polite. Communication was excellent, if anything just slightly pushy from their side. They ensured that all the prep work was done in a timely fashion, they stayed in touch with consignee, and when BOL problem arose Dawit and Wubshet prescribed the solution which I followed so that they could solve the problem. They kept exactly to their quote, not a penny over. The shipment was a HC SOC of educational materials from Canada into port of Djibouti, which Zereyad did clearing, oncarriage, and ground delivery of stuffed HC to JigJiga University. Flawless. Just give them a try with one of your shipments, and be prepared to smile.

Thanks so much for both sets of photos which I have enjoyed and now forwarded to the shippers. Working with Zereyad has been our best ever forwarding experience to Ethiopia. With my very best regards--- Paul, December 19, 2014

Another partner in USA.
“Dawit, you are an absolute pleasure to work with. I have never had an agent be as attentive to communication as you! I do have one more in the pipeline with Books for Africa and another I am speaking to now, another non-profit. I will definitely be using you for all my business.--Sandy“ March 23, 2014

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